How To Do A Parthiva Shiva Linga Puja At Your Home?


Parthiva Linga is the most supreme among all the Shivalingas. All the aspirations of the deities as well as men are believed to be fulfilled by the worship of Parthiva Linga. During the era of Satya, jewel was considered to be of prime importance, whereas during Treta Yuga and Dwapar Yuga, gold and mercury had the prime importance respectively. In the present era of Kali, a Parthiva Linga holds this place of honor. The worship of Parthiva Linga begets more virtues than even penance. Just as Ganga among the rivers, Kashi among the sacred places of pilgrimages, Omkar among all the mantras are considered to be superior, In the same way Parthiva linga is considered to be the supreme among all the Linga. Worshipping, a Parthiva linga with a 'Nishkam bhava' helps a man to attain liberation.

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Puja Vidhi to be followed when Parthiv Shivling Puja is done at Home


Those who has Nav-grah dosh or facing problems due to their kundali can should follow these puja vidhi in their house to get rid of their problems gradually.


The first and foremost rule/mandatory thing is get a Parthiv Ling done by a “BRAHMIN”  and to that Parthiveshwar do Sri Rudra Chamaka Purusha Sookta Dasashaanti. Things to be used for abhisheka are Milk, Ghee, Cow Milk’s Curd(Since cow is considered very sacred in Hindu Mythology) followed by Honey, Coconut Water, Various Fruit Juices, Sugarcane Juice, Sandalwood powder made into paste, Gangajal,Gulab jal (Rose Water/Fragrant Water) Vibhooti (Bhasmam) and last but not the least which has equal importance infact utmost importance are the patra (leaves) i.e Bilba Patra (Bael Leaves),  Jammi Patthiri (Bulrush Leaves); coming to flowers Aakanda Flowers(White Madar Flowers) and with these if Abhishekam is done to Parthiveshwar with Siva Sahasranaamas the problems in their houses will be solved.


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